Scale Auto Art by Peter Wingfield

ScaleAutoArt by Peter Wingfield

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It is with deepest sorrow that we share that Peter Justin Wingfield passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at the young age of 62. Though our hearts are grieving the sudden loss of such a remarkable husband, father, grandfather and friend, we know there is an immeasurable amount to celebrate over his life.

Peter was above all else passionate about Jesus and his family, but among that was his passion for art and cars. In 1991, Peter had a dream to start his own business that married his two passions – cars and art/design. This dream started out as Pro Select Racing Miniatures. He landed a job for Rousch Racing pretty early on that really kicked off his career. It then turned into Pro-Line Models (and a few others) shortly after and continued to grow over the years into what it is now known as Scale Auto Art.

He was intensely passionate and meticulous about his work and found so much joy in it. It emanated through every post here, every model he poured his heart into, and every person he met. He really lived and breathed auto racing. He could not stay away from auto shows, races, events, and sometimes auctions, and brought his family with him whenever he had the chance so they could enjoy it with him. His love for art and cars left a tremendous influence on his family members – especially his wife and two sons – and it will continue impact everything they do in big and small ways.

Thank you to all of his customers and fans for your support and appreciation of Peter’s work. We are grateful his gift was able to brighten the lives of others.

Please check back here occasionally as his family will continue to post his lifelong work as a tribute to him and as a celebration of his wonderful life.

Peter Wingfield, 1955~2017

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